In this day and age, there are a variety of materials available for building projects, but structural steel remains a favorite with both architects and contractors. This material has long been praised for its strength and durability, and some of the largest structures in the world have a structural steel frame. The main reasons that structural steel is so popular include:


Many materials are considered high strength, but as of now, none can match the pure strength of structural steel. It is not just the fact that structural steel is strong- its strength to weight ratio is considerably higher than any comparable materials. Because structural steel is so strong for its weight, the frames of structural steel buildings are lighter and do not require extensive specialized foundations like other building materials do.


Despite the fact that structural steel is the strongest materials of its kind, it is also an affordable option for all types of construction projects. Unlike other construction materials, the cost of structural steel is not rising as fast because technology has successfully reduced the number of man hours that it takes to fabricate pieces of structural steel.

In addition to the lower cost of the actual material, structural steel projects are often less expensive because the building frame is light, and not as much money has to be spent on an extensive foundation to support the frame.


Structural steel is made of 88% recycled material, making it one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. In addition, the fabrication process of structural steel uses a minute amount of water, which helps in conserving one of our most important natural resources. Because structural steel is mostly made of recycled material, the creation of this product helps empty out salvage yards, and produces very little material waste during fabrication.


A building framed with structural steel allows for more indoor floor space, as the steel columns take up substantially less space than concrete columns. The strength of structural steel allows for less support columns, which gives each floor of the building more open space, which is ideal for modern offices. The use of structural steel is especially efficient in parking garages, since having fewer columns provides more area for parking as well as wider driving lanes.

Ease of Availability

The readily available recycled material to create structural steel, technology that has streamlined the fabrication process, and a thriving structural steel industry ensures that there is a large supply of structural steel available. There is no foreseeable shortage of structural steel in the near future, so it is likely that it will continue to be one of the most popular materials for construction projects.

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