Concrete patios are durable and affordable but aren’t always the most attractive option straight out of the box. But it’s possible to give your existing tiled patio an elegant, worldly tiled look without having to invest in concrete molding materials.

Things You Need:

  • Large Geometric Stencil
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Concrete Stain
  • Paint Rollers
  • Waterproof Sealant

Step 1: Choose a Stencil

Search online for a large stencil with geometric shapes that mimic the look of tile. These stencils are often advertised as wall stencils since the size works well for painting patterns on walls but you can also use them for your concrete project.

Look for a stencil that is designed to be easily repeatable — meaning, the edges are made so that you can easily line the stencil up again next to an already painted piece. The kit should also include a border piece that allows you to match up to the main stencil along the narrow edges for a finished look.

Step 2: Prepare Your Stain Supplies

Purchase a concrete stain in your desired color. Note that unless you have a lot of natural artistic ability, it’s a lot easier to use one color of stain at a time, such as a dark blue for a base and a lighter blue for detailing. Follow the package directions on how to prepare the stain and how to ready your concrete for the staining process.

Use painter’s tape to secure the stencil in a starting corner. Apply stain over the stencil using a paint roller and firm but even strokes. Allow the stain to set for a couple of minutes before removing the tape and the stencil so that the stencil doesn’t smear the stain. Carefully place the stencil next to the painted square. Tape down the sides of the stencil that aren’t along the stained edge and repeat the painting process.

Continue until the entire patio is covered with tile. Allow to dry for the time specified on the stain container. Repeat the taping and staining process with the edge piece to finish off the exterior rim of your patio.

Step 3: Protect Your Work

Use a water-safe top coat that’s safe for concrete and protects your work from heavy foot traffic. Apply as directed on the packaging and allow to fully dry before attempting to walk on the patio. You can then replace your furniture and enjoy your beautiful new outdoor living space. Consult with a professional like Robar Enterprises Inc for assistance.