If you want to regulate your business’s air temperature in the winter, it’s very important to avoid damaging your filter. Since you’ll need to change out your furnace’s filter every once in a while for optimal performance, you should know how to do so without causing damage. So consider these three tips to minimize the chance of damaging your business’s furnace during a filter change out.

Clear Any Dust Around Your Furnace Before You Open It

The last thing you want in your furnace is lots of dust. Even though some dust buildup in your furnace is unavoidable, you want the process to be as slow as possible so you don’t have to deal with frequent breakdowns.

Don’t just use a dust cloth to clean dust off of surfaces around your furnace. Though just using a dust cloth is better than using nothing at all, a dust cloth will only kick dust into the air around your furnace. Instead, use a slightly damp towel along with a small vacuum to suck up some of the air in the room. After you’re done, wait a couple minutes for any missed dust to settle back on the ground.

Don’t Press The Filter Too Hard Into Its Slot

As soon as you open your furnace, you should see a compact slot for holding the air filter. Since there isn’t much room in most cases for you to push your furnace further in the air duct than it’s designed to go, you need to make sure that you don’t put too much force on your new filter.

You don’t have to press hard enough to snap your filter in half in order to cause damage. Even if the filter is only slightly bent toward the air duct behind it, the protrusion will significantly decrease your furnace’s energy efficiency.

Get A High Quality Pleated Filter If You Cook A Lot Of Food

If you run a retail store, you probably don’t have to worry much about about air contamination. However, if you run a restaurant or other business that involves cooking a lot of food, it’s important for energy efficiency and overall furnace breakdown prevention to clear as much grease and fat out of the air as you can.

While pleated furnace filters are more expensive than normal filters, they’re drastically more effective at clearing up any impurities in the air. For air purity challenged businesses, the extra cost is often worth it.

Most business owners don’t pay much attention to their furnace before it breaks down and demands a lot of money for repairs. To prevent a financial catastrophe before it happens, you often only need to spend a small amount of money and effort now. 

For the best results, you may wish to hire a commercial heating service to help take care of changing the filter for you.