When you take possession of an industrial digital balance scale, you own a fine-tuned instrument that will become vital to your business. You should also take on the following mission to be true to your new balances:

Meet simple target goals.

In an e-world where everything’s wireless and cordless, your job is to protect your sensitive asset from any interference. This includes any RF or electromagnetic interference from devices like cellphones, laptops, routers, and cordless phones. The interference normally appears by causing rapid fluctuations in digital readings. Sources of interference may also be weather-related, equipment-related, or wiring-related.

If your reputation hinges on your accuracy and precise measuring capabilities, don’t blow it by letting interference of any kind affect the operation of your scales and balances.

Shielding your balances from interference.

Because of the sensitive, precision nature of these instruments, start by ensuring that any and all power supplies are safe and grounded. Check batteries regularly and replace with fresh ones routinely. Make sure circuits are isolated and not subject to interference or disruption by other activities. Have surge protection for all measuring devices.

Isolate smaller digital balances and scales by shielding with metal panels and gaskets. For larger external scales like trucking scales, consider units that convert sealed outdoor hydrostatic weight signals into one signal that can be more accurately computed by instruments indoors.

Make sure that any Formica or plastic tabletops are grounded or are static resistant. Static will cause inaccurate readings, and one bad charge can fry your digital scale’s electronic guts. Use metal pans and other materials that won’t hold a charge. Spray carpets and other surfaces with anti-static product to avoid causing interference yourself.

Remain on guard.

Be on the lookout for potential trouble. Post signs to indicate where cellphones and devices are not allowed. Train all employees who may come in contact with a scale, even if they never use it themselves, so they fully understand the dos and don’ts of working around such an important, vulnerable piece of equipment.

Make sure they understand that they can’t set their coffee cups on the platform or use the office cordless phone nearby. The more people you have guarding your scales, the safer they’ll be from damage of all types.

An industrial scale supplier, such as Strack Scale Services, can help you choose the right digital balances for your working environment. They also have a variety of interference-shielding products just right for your particular business mission.