Water jet cutting is a unique and precise cutting tool for hard metals and granite. This machine uses abrasive substances mixed with high speeds of water force to make even, smooth cuts on surfaces that traditional saws and blades cannot cut through easily. A water jet cutter is very beneficial to your custom countertop business since the tool is able to cut through granite, marble, cement, and more without damaging the material. New water jet cutters can cost upwards of $60,000, which can make it difficult for you to acquire this machinery. You can, however, spend much less and buy a used variety that has lots of life left. Here are things you should look for when buying a used water jet cutter for your business.


A used water jet cutter should come with a variety of nozzles for different cutting applications. It should also come with a working pump, water chiller, and water softener to make even flow and pressure more effective. When buying a used water jet cutting machine, make sure it has all the needed accessories to make it function so you can avoid having to buy these items after purchase.

Pump hours

A used car is often judged by how many miles it has driven, and a used water jet cutter is judged by how many hours are on the pump. The more pump hours a water jet cutter has used, the more natural wear and depreciation is has. When looking for a used water jet cutter, try to find a model that has less than a few hundred hours of pump use whether the pump has been refurbished or not.


If you buy a used water jet cutter from a private seller, you may not get a warranty from your purchase. Since a water jet cutter is so expensive, you may want to buy one from a company that can guarantee its working condition for several months or hours. Choose a company that refurbishes these machines and then offers you a warranty or guarantee on its working ability so you can feel more confident about your purchase.

A water jet cutter is a great attribute to your custom countertop business. When buying a used machine, you want to ensure any models you are considering come with accessories, the pump has few working hours on it, and the machine comes with a warranty or guarantee of some kind. With a bit of research, you can buy an excellent used machine at an affordable price (from companies like Cincinnati Ventilating Company Inc) to cut your custom countertops with beautiful precision.