When you rent an air compressor, the tank, valve, gauge and hose are standard air compressor parts. You may not think about what else you could use or might need to accomplish the jobs at hand. However, there are several accessories you may want to rent or buy at the same time you rent an air compressor. Three accessories and what you might need them for are as follows.

Retractable Air Hose Reel with Auto-Rewind

Air compressors, despite the fact that they are filled with air, tend to be very heavy. As such, you will want to park the compressor as close to the area where it will be used, and then extend the hose as far as it will reach. The standard hoses on most compressor rentals do not reach very far, so to make up for the vast expanse between you and the compressor, you can buy or rent a retractable air hose reel with auto-rewind features. One connection on the reel replaces the standard hose’s connection to the compressor tank. The opposite end of the hose on the reel becomes the exit point for the compressed air and can be pulled out several yards beyond the tank. When you let go of the rewind hose, it automatically springs back so that no one is crossing over the hose and tripping on it.

Additional Couplers of Varied Sizes

Some tools that require an air compressor to work have unusual couplings. These couplings may be very different from the couplers that are on the end of your compressor rental. Because of this, you will need to buy couplers that can connect to the end of the compressor’s hose and then connect to your tools. Be sure to ask the rental store about extra couplers, and know which tools you intend to connect to the compressor so that the store can help you find the correct-sized couplers.

Air Chuck (Air Release Extension)

If your project has some tight spaces and it is difficult to get the compressor hose into position so that you can release the air, you may want to rent or buy an air chuck. This metal extension for the compressor hose reaches farther down or up inside narrow spaces than your own hands can. It closely resembles a long-handled ratchet wrench. When the end extends to where you want to release the compressed air, a light pressure on the head is all that is needed.

For more information and options of accessories, talk with a company that sells or rents air compressor parts, such as Kruman Equipment Co.