What To Look For In A Used Water Jet Cutting Machine For Your Custom Counterop Business

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Water jet cutting is a unique and precise cutting tool for hard metals and granite. This machine uses abrasive substances mixed with high speeds of water force to make even, smooth cuts on surfaces that traditional saws and blades cannot cut through easily. A water jet cutter is very beneficial to your custom countertop business since the tool is able to cut through granite, marble, cement, and more without damaging the material. New water jet cutters can cost upwards of $60,000, which can make it difficult for you to acquire this machinery. You can, however, spend much less and buy a used variety that has lots of life left. Here are things you should look for when buying a used water jet cutter for your business. Accessories A used water jet cutter should come with a variety of nozzles for different cutting applications. It should also come with a working pump, water chiller, and water softener to make even flow and pressure more effective. When buying a used water jet cutting machine, make sure it has all the needed accessories to make it function so you can avoid having to buy these items after purchase. Pump hours A used car is often judged by how many miles it has driven, and a used water jet cutter is judged by how many hours are on the pump. The more pump hours a water jet cutter has used, the more natural wear and depreciation is has. When looking for a used water jet cutter, try to find a model that has less than a few hundred hours of pump use whether the pump has been refurbished or not. Warranty If you buy a used water jet cutter from a private seller, you may not get a warranty from your purchase. Since a water jet cutter is so expensive, you may want to buy one from a company that can guarantee its working condition for several months or hours. Choose a company that refurbishes these machines and then offers you a warranty or guarantee on its working ability so you can feel more confident about your purchase. A water jet cutter is a great attribute to your custom countertop business. When buying a used machine, you want to ensure any models you are considering come with accessories, the pump has few working hours on it, and the machine comes with a warranty or guarantee of some kind. With a bit of research, you can buy an excellent used machine at an affordable price (from companies like Cincinnati Ventilating Company Inc) to cut your custom countertops with beautiful...

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Common Well Pump Repair Issues

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If you live in the country (as opposed to in the city), you likely depend on a well for your home’s water supply. Unlike in generations past when water was brought to the surface of the well by a hand pump and carried to the house in a bucket, today’s wells are equipped with motorized pumps that deliver water right to your faucets without the labor involved in decades past. However, when the well pump breaks down, your water supply becomes inaccessible. While modern well pumps can last for 20 years or longer, they have many more mechanical parts than traditional hand pumps. If you rely on a well pump for your water, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with common well pump issues and how to fix them. Common well pump repair issues and how to fix them 1. No or little water pressure. No one wants to take a shower or wash dishes with just a slight trickle of water coming out of the faucet. If that’s what is happening when you turn on the water, you may only need to adjust the pressure switch. To do this, turn off of the electrical power to the pump. Then, find the air pressure tank atop of the well pump and attach a tire pressure gauge to the tank. This will allow you to measure the pressure and see if you need to adjust the switch. A pressure of 20 to 28 psi is normal for a well pump. If the pressure is less than that a quick adjustment with a wrench on the pressure switch can boost the pressure. 2. Short cycling. In well repair parlance, short cycling is when the well pump cuts off and on repeatedly. To the person trying to access the water, that means a surge of water from the faucet followed immediately by a trickle, followed again by a surge. 3. No water is coming out at all. If you turn on the faucet and get no water at all, it may be a problem with the power source. The first place you should look is to make sure that the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped and that the pump is getting electricity. 4. Discolored water. Discolored water is a sign of mineral deposits in the water. Depending on your part of the country, your well water could have traces of magnesium, iron or calcium. There are ways to filter and treat the water, depending on the type of mineral, so that the water won’t discolor your fixtures and/or look unappetizing in the glass. Well pump trouble can take many forms. If you have discolored water, low or absent water pressure or a...

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Your Mission: Protect Your Industrial Digital Balances From Interference

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When you take possession of an industrial digital balance scale, you own a fine-tuned instrument that will become vital to your business. You should also take on the following mission to be true to your new balances: Meet simple target goals. In an e-world where everything’s wireless and cordless, your job is to protect your sensitive asset from any interference. This includes any RF or electromagnetic interference from devices like cellphones, laptops, routers, and cordless phones. The interference normally appears by causing rapid fluctuations in digital readings. Sources of interference may also be weather-related, equipment-related, or wiring-related. If your reputation hinges on your accuracy and precise measuring capabilities, don’t blow it by letting interference of any kind affect the operation of your scales and balances. Shielding your balances from interference. Because of the sensitive, precision nature of these instruments, start by ensuring that any and all power supplies are safe and grounded. Check batteries regularly and replace with fresh ones routinely. Make sure circuits are isolated and not subject to interference or disruption by other activities. Have surge protection for all measuring devices. Isolate smaller digital balances and scales by shielding with metal panels and gaskets. For larger external scales like trucking scales, consider units that convert sealed outdoor hydrostatic weight signals into one signal that can be more accurately computed by instruments indoors. Make sure that any Formica or plastic tabletops are grounded or are static resistant. Static will cause inaccurate readings, and one bad charge can fry your digital scale’s electronic guts. Use metal pans and other materials that won’t hold a charge. Spray carpets and other surfaces with anti-static product to avoid causing interference yourself. Remain on guard. Be on the lookout for potential trouble. Post signs to indicate where cellphones and devices are not allowed. Train all employees who may come in contact with a scale, even if they never use it themselves, so they fully understand the dos and don’ts of working around such an important, vulnerable piece of equipment. Make sure they understand that they can’t set their coffee cups on the platform or use the office cordless phone nearby. The more people you have guarding your scales, the safer they’ll be from damage of all types. An industrial scale supplier, such as Strack Scale Services, can help you choose the right digital balances for your working environment. They also have a variety of interference-shielding products just right for your particular business...

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Tips For Business Owners Constructing A New Office Building

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Are you thinking about building your own office space? Are you tired of being unable to find suitable real estate in your area? Contracting an office building is a big step for a company. Here are some tips to help make the entire process work for your business: Make sure your architect knows your business: An architect can design a perfectly functional building for you, without knowing your line of business, but it may not be the optimum configuration. If you’re a technology company, for example, you’ll need to make sure that the blueprints include ample electrical and networking cable outlets for all your employees. It’s much easier to include the networking cable plans now so that they can be installed along with the rest of the electrical construction work. Having to hire an electrician to pull networking cable through the walls to an overlooked office space could add significantly to your construction costs. Plan for company growth: Make sure that all your contractors are on the same page, as far as potential company growth is concerned. While you may have sufficient power outlets installed during the electrical construction phase, you’ll also need to make sure that your heating and cooling systems are adequate for the task. Although you may only have 100 employees now, for example, 200 or 300 more employees in the same building can raise cooling costs in the summer and lower heating costs in the winter because of excess body heat. Making sure that your building is prepared to handle these fluctuations will help to avoid costly heating and cooling repair bills in the future. Ask your architect about convertible rooms: If you have a large influx of temporary holiday workers, you’ll obviously need somewhere to put them. However, you may not want obviously empty office space sitting around during the remainder of the year. Ask your architect to add several conference rooms that can be quickly converted into offices or break rooms. Excess outlets can be installed during the electrical construction and concealed behind decorative wall panels by the carpenters who are working on the building. Poll your employees: Obviously, you aren’t the only one who will have to work in the building. While you don’t have to take every idea or opinion seriously, you should consider listening to some of them. If your office building is going to have multiple floors that serve identical functions, you should make sure that each floor can set their own ideal temperature. Instead of having employees bicker about the thermostat, consider allowing employees to move to whatever floor is best suited to their temperature needs. Having your employees be comfortable can help raise their productivity, especially if none of them are forced to...

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Two Steel Fabrication Concerns You May Need Addressed

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There are many businesses that require a variety of specialized tools and other devices in order to function. For those that have only recently started their enterprise, the process of having these devices made can seem intimidating, but it is actually rather easy. After you learn the following answers to common questions, you will have a far better idea of what is involved in having custom steel fabrication work done for your business.  What If You Do Not Have the Designs for What You Need Fabricated? There are many pieces of equipment that you may need to make, but you may not have a well-devoloped design to give to your steel fabricator. While this may seem like a major challenge, there are many fabrication companies that can also offer you design services.  When you use the design services of your fabricator, they will ask you to provide as much information as possible about the object you need crafted. Once they have this information, they can estimate measurements and input them into a computer that will generate a three-dimensional model of the component for you to review. If it meets your specifications, this design can be printed out for the fabricator to follow in the creation of your item.  Why Does Steel Fabrication Take So Long? It is common for people to be shocked at the amount of time needed to craft their items. While they may think that the item they need is simple, it is important to note that there is a substantial amount of preparation needed to fabricate custom items from steel. This is particularly true for components that have unique or rarely used shapes that need to be molded. These projects may require the creation of special tools that can mold the steel to your specifications, and in some cases, these can take several days to be built if there are numerous molds that will need to be prepared.  Unfortunately, there is usually nothing that can be done to expedite this process for your first order. However, if you will need to make future orders of the same item, you should ask to retain the molds that were made for the project. This will allow you to avoid the need to have the molds remade, which can drastically reduce your order completion time in the future.  Steel fabrication is essential for many businesses that require custom parts and tools. Yet, if you have never had to have custom steel fabrication work done before, you may not understand this process. However, learning that these professionals can help you with the design and how to reduce the time it will take for future orders to be completed can...

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